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Getting Started with PayRange Manage

What is PayRange MANAGE?

Included with every PayRange BluKey device is PayRange MANAGE, our advanced backend business management software suite, providing real-time analytics and performance of all your PayRange-enabled machines. MANAGE serves as your go-to system for monitoring your mobile sales, generating detailed sales reports, creating customer offers, and tracking customer purchasing behaviors.

To access the PayRange MANAGE console, you must first create a MANAGE operator account. Scroll down to learn how to get started with PayRange.

Getting Started

To enable PayRange mobile payment on your machine(s), you first must set up an Operator Account in PayRange Manage.

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To reimburse you for your transactions, PayRange automatically sends payments to your designated bank account every week using ACH payments. You must first set up your banking information in PayRange MANAGE.

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Register your PayRange device to activate mobile payments. You can register the device before or after installation, but we recommend registering your device during installation so you can easily specify the machine location and machine details for each registered device. We recommend you register your devices using the PayRange App.

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We designed the PayRange mobile payment solution in a way that makes it simple and easy to install. Most operators can handle the installation themselves with the help of PayRange installation support materials.

Steps for Install

Let your customers know you accept PayRange mobile payments by ensuring your included PayRange decals are prominently placed in a visible location on your machine and within your location.

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PayRange MANAGE offers operators a range of preset automated marketing campaigns including the STARS Reward Program and the New User Campaign, both designed to increase revenue and reward your loyal customers.

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Your Guide to PayRange MANAGE

Register a Device

Set up Banking

Assign User Roles

Install PayRange Devices

Guide to MANAGE

Coupon Codes & Offers

Your Weekly Sales Report

Understanding “Rooms”

Explore Features Designed to Grow your Business

New User Campaign

Increase mobile adoption with the First Purchase Free campaign.

STAR Rewards

Customize the built in loyalty program to reward your users and increase spending at your machine.

Two-Tier Pricing

Want to reward your customers if they pay with cash? Learn more about PayRange two-tier pricing.

Offers & Discounts

Increase revenue and transactions with tailored offers and discounts.

Increase Foot Traffic

List your location with PayRange and watch your foot traffic grow.

Find Resources

Get started with PayRange

To learn the required steps to set up your machine to accept PayRange mobile payments follow the below link.

Register your device

In order for your machine(s) to accept PayRange mobile payment, you must first register your device.

Watch how-to videos

Watch our helpful videos to get the most out of your PayRange products.

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