Registering Your PayRange Device

You must register your PayRange device in order for your machine to accept PayRange mobile payments.

Registering your PayRange device

Ensure your machines can accept PayRange mobile payments by registering your PayRange device. You can register the PayRange device before or after installation, but we recommend registering your device during installation. This ensures you can specify the machine location and machine details for each registered device.

What’s Required for On-Site Device Registration?

Locate the PayRange BluKey device serial number and PIN ID on the back of the device under the barcode. If you did not order your PayRange device direct from PayRange, refer to your order invoice for the device serial number and PIN ID.

Have the PayRange installation manual accessible.

Take a photo of the machine you installed PayRange on. You will have the option to upload your own image for what users will see when selecting your machine in the PayRange app.

Need Help?

Visit the PayRange Help Desk.