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Our powerful, end-to-end platform empowers self-service retail experiences

PayRange technology solutions are redefining self-service by making it simpler, more intuitive, and smarter, paving the way for autonomous, cashless commerce experiences. Our solutions, including mobile payment, controlled access, buy online pick up in store, and age verification, help businesses grow and improve the customer shopping experience.


PayRange puts the power
of access in your hands.

PayRange BluKey technology can be installed into a variety of machines, including retail cabinets, non-connected doors, and gate access ports. This technology allows these “things” to connect via Bluetooth to the consumer’s phone. With a simple swipe of a button on their phone, consumers can easily unlock merchandising displays, open gates, or access doors.


Discover the benefits

Simple installation

The PayRange BluKey Access plug and play design allows for deployment that’s much faster than any other solution, with little to no tools needed and only basic technical skills. Zero configuration is required on many machines for the BluKey technology to work.

Flexible security measures

Tailor the security settings to align with your unique requirements, ensuring a balance between security and a frictionless shopping experience.

No network required

PayRange BluKey Access requires no internet or network connectivity. The patented device leverages the user’s connectivity.

Reduce theft

Reduce theft and unauthorized access to high-value products or areas, safeguarding your inventory and profit margins.

Improve operations

Reduce IT burden and minimize the need for constant store associate intervention, freeing up labor resources for more valuable tasks.

Enhance guest experience

Eliminate the friction and long wait times for genuine customers, enhancing their overall experience.


Whatever your retail business needs are, our innovative solutions can help drive business growth while improving the shoppers experience

Retail Merchandising

PayRange BluKey Access™ integrates seamlessly into new and existing retail merchandising displays and transforms traditional merchandising into a digitized, verified access-controlled experience.

Gate Access

PayRange BluKey Access™ integrates seamlessly into gate kiosks enabling access credentials to enter.

21+ Restricted Areas

Preventing underage access to age-restricted products is essential. Our contactless, frictionless solution quickly verifies a user’s ID before granting them access to an area or to merchandising displays.

Door Access

PayRange BluKey Access™ integrates seamlessly into new and existing doors. Enable your customers to use the PayRange App to access certain locations in your business.

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