Clean up, increase revenue and finally no more quarters or tokens

Quarters or tokens, cards or cash, payment can be a pain point customers would like to avoid. Increase customer satisfaction, and overall business revenue by upgrading existing equipment to mobile payment acceptance with PayRange.

BluKey for mobile acceptance

Change machine empty? Customers limited by the cash in their pocket to pay for a wash? Avoid these by easily upgrading all of your equipment to PayRange. Enable mobile payments and remove the limits.

BluCard for complete payment solutions

To complement mobile payments, our fully featured BluCard accept swipe, tap, and chip payments, and is integrated with PayRange app features. Don’t replace equipment, retrofit it for more payment options.

Customized mobile app for each business/location

Want to stand out while tapping in to the millions of active PayRange users? Get a customized app experience for your customers via PayRange, without the startup costs of other solutions.

Retrofit existing equipment

Don’t replace, retrofit! Expand the earning potential and extend the life of your existing wash equipment by upgrading the payment options available. PayRange works on all equipment types, alongside cash or coin acceptance.

Break the payment barrier with PayRange

Get started now and be up and running in no time.

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