A mobile commerce platform for adult restricted self-service commerce

Our powerful, end-to-end platform empowers fully compliant autonomous solutions for industries requiring age and identity verification

A fully compliant secure in-app age and identity verification solution unlocks seamless self-service solutions for adulty only products. Our technology platform doesn’t rely on expensive hardware or network connectivity making it the most scalable solution in the industry.


Whatever your business, our age and identity
solution can operate anywhere.

Self-Service Pour Bars

Whether you’re looking for an automated pour bar or beverage station, PayRange can easily outfit your beverage equipment for cashless acceptance and age-verification.


Age-Restricted Vending

Why invest in expensive vending equipment for 21+ products when you can retrofit any vending machine to accept age and identity verification.

21+ Restricted Areas

Preventing underage access to adult products in autonomous shopping environments is essential. Our identity verification platform unlocks seamless access control solutions.

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