PayRange BluCue™
Cue up Convenience.
Rack up Revenue.

Upgrade your billiards table to accept mobile payments with PayRange BluCue. No permanent power or data connection required.

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Modernize your billiard tables with the most advanced mobile payment solution

The PayRange BluCue uses proven BluKey mobile payment technology used in over 500,000 machines throughout the US and Canada. Once installed, pool players can send payment directly to the table and instantly start a game (pay per game or pay per hour). Unlock the power of mobile payments with real time reporting on table sales, usage behaviors and more. Move to mobile payments and reduce coin related service calls , coin collections, transporting and processing.

The most scalable cashless payment option for billiards

No permanent power or data needed

Ditch the expensive hardware, connectivity requirements, and costly transaction fees, scaling your business with PayRange is easy. Enable your table to accept mobile payments while retaining coin acceptance — without the need for permanent power or data connection.

Easy installation

Setting up BluCue on your table is a simple and easy. The plug-and-play BluCue kit can be installed within minutes. Just make sure you have a compatible rechargeable battery to operate the BluCue device.

Increase revenue

Let’s face it, paying with coins or tokens is a hassle. Increase customer satisfaction and revenue by upgrading to PayRange. Features like “Pay per game” or “Pay per hour” let you set pricing to align with your business needs.

Reduce operational overhead

Coin payments mean tables that need to be emptied on a regular basis. Free yourself by accepting mobile payments and having your money flow quickly and seamlessly into your accounts.

Official Partner to Diamond Billiards & the APA

Over 3500 world champion pool players have transitioned from coins to PayRange. Collaborating with Diamond Billiards and the American Pool Players Association, PayRange has revolutionized the game by implementing BluCue on more than 350 championship tournament tables.

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