Monetize and modernize your campground

An all-in-one solution that not only enhances your guest experience but also allows you to charge for campground amenities.

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Where Nature Meets Innovation

Our innovative mobile payment solution brings a world of convenience to RV and Campground owners and operators, allowing you to boost revenue by seamlessly integrating mobile payments into previously non-connected services such as showers, laundry facilities, vending machines, electric hookups, charging stations and even firewood boxes.

A mobile commerce platform that delivers an enriching experience while growing your business.

Let guests effortlessly use the PayRange mobile app to manage and book campground sites
Let your guest pay with mobile for electric hookups and charging.
Convert your existing vending and laundry facilities from coin to mobile in less than a minute.
Don’t leave money on the table, accept mobile payments for shower facilities, game rooms, fire pits and more.

Accelerate Your Campground Business Growth with PayRange Solutions

Bring mobile payment to all your amenities

PayRange installs on your laundry machines, vending, and more.

Real-time data and analytics to grow your business

Seamlessly manage and optimize your operations with key business insights.

Unlock automated marketing campaigns to reward your guests

Turn your customers into regulars with automated loyalty programs.

Simple plug-in-play solution for all your machines

With PayRange’s BluKey technology, you can effortlessly accept mobile payments and generate income from these services, all while providing your guests with a frictionless, cashless, and incredibly convenient experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of coins and cash, and say hello to a new era of camping, where technology and nature harmoniously coexist.

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