Your way in to a new era of autonomous commerce

Discover cashless commerce and self-service retail technology, built for people who expect smarter, simpler solutions.

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Your way in to a new era of autonomous commerce

Discover a new era of automated, cashless commerce and self-service retail, built for people who expect smarter, simpler solutions.

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PayRange’s advanced end-to-end IOT platform offers a diverse ecosystem of connected solutions to enable seamless payment, identity verification, and commerce.

Endless Enablement

PayRange is on a mission to propel automated machines into the digital age and enable a mobile-first commerce experience for every customer through innovative hardware. The PayRange technology solution puts the power in the consumers’ hands to pay their way while giving operators commerce solutions designed to grow their business.

Smarter Connection

PayRange enables a more connected, autonomous customer experience by bypassing networks, high fees, and complex startups through mobile technology that links users with secure, digital experiences. Every day, this results in a lower barrier to entry and empowers a new, safer era of digital commerce for consumers’ and operators alike.

Seamless Commerce

PayRange facilitates seamless commerce between people and things. Whether it’s a payment, age verification, or access control, users enjoy a simple and frictionless experience every time.

Modern Intelligence

PayRange awakens machine intelligence across the self-service retail landscape, upending traditional models to reimagine a future with simpler, smarter, and more intuitive commerce experiences.


PayRange puts the power of
autonomous commerce in people’s hands.

Unlike other self-service payment solutions that revolve around the machine and its network, we empower people to pay using the connectivity of their smartphone enhancing their autonomy in the commerce experience.

An autonomous, cashless future starts here

Simplified design

Our patented technology is designed to be simple yet powerful. Installation is easy with plug-and-play functionality that work across all unattended machines.

Unmatched reliability

Our technology is extremely reliable, operating without a network to eliminate downtime and business losses. It autonomously detects and fixes issues, minimizing the need for manual intervention. Through machine learning, AI, and automation, it predicts, detects, and responds to operational issues, ensuring peace of mind.

Smart connectivity

Empower a more seamless user experience and eliminate telemetry and data connection costs.

Limitless scalability

Ditch the expensive hardware, connectivity, and costly transaction fees with our prepaid balances. Scaling modern technology across your entire business with PayRange is easy and cost effective.

Autopilot Efficiency

From automatic weekly bank deposits to automated sales reports, it just works. Take full control whenever you want with easy login access. Do business your way, whether that’s being a hands-on operator, or leveraging PayRange’s features like automatic weekly bank deposits and sales reports.

Always-on updates

Our patented hardware was built to last longer than the life of the machine. Unlike other payment hardware, you only need to invest once and never replace. Experience intelligence and performance with over the air firmware updates requiring no technician interaction.


PayRange empowers your customers with products, services, rich features, offers, and rewards.

The PayRange app is the key to unlocking endless payment options and commerce experiences between the user’s phone and machines. With a variety of ways to seamlessly fund the app from old gift cards, EBT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, bitcoin and beyond, we’ve eliminated payment as a barrier for good. Reward your customers with in-app rewards and offers.

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Transition to cashless payments and watch your business grow

Consumers are increasingly cashless and wallet less. Don’t let payment get in the way of growing your business. Switch to PayRange and watch your revenue grow.

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