Changing the self-service retail game — for good.

When we set out to empower and improve payment experience, we knew we had to do things differently. We needed to seamlessly offer businesses more insights and better data to ultimately drive business growth for our partners.

As an end-to-end IoT company that enables and processes payments, PayRange is dedicated to upending the traditional model of self-service retail interactions by offering businesses a diverse ecosystem of connected solutions designed to meet their evolving needs and increase ongoing revenue. So, we developed intelligent systems to enable mobile transactions, retail innovations and ultimately create a seamless and autonomous experience that equips every business with greater efficiency, visibility and deeper customer understanding across the board.

Paresh Patel, Founder & CEO of PayRange

It started with a missing quarter.

PayRange was founded by Paresh Patel, a veteran of the automated retail industry. The story goes that one day his car needed air so he stopped at a gas station—only to realize the machine only accepts four-quarters, and he only had three. He unsuccessfully dug around the car—between the seats, in the cup holders—not a spare quarter anywhere. Finally, he accepted he wasn’t going to be able to get the air. But Paresh saw an opportunity in this defeat. 

Sitting there, he realized the problem was not the price. The problem was he was physically unable to make the purchase due to the payment method. Payment was the barrier to the sale, not customer demand.
That brings us to PayRange today. PayRange is focused on eliminating payment as the barrier, plain and simple. We’ve built an intuitive experience geared to the operator’s realities, and backed by intuitive technology. And all these years later, over 8 million PayRange users will never have to look for a spare quarter as long as we’re around.


The Only Payment Solution Trusted by Millions of Users and Operators Alike

8 Million

Over 8 million PayRange App users trust PayRange to send secure transactions to a machine.


Over 500,000 machines across the U.S and Canada have broke the payment barrier and now equipped with PayRange.


Over 10,000 business operators leverage the PayRange platform across over 350 major cities. That means unlocked revenue growth, improved operational efficiency and enhanced consumer engagement within every transaction.

20% +

After integrating with the PayRange platform, businesses saw a 30% increase in revenue and 20% saved in operational costs.


Our leaders, committed to excellence

Paresh Patel

Founder & CEO

A true innovator, Paresh articulates visions of the future and motivates the team to make the unimaginable possible. He thrives and does his best work when the cards are seemingly stacked against success.

Christoff Smit

Chief Operating Officer

Christoff is a number-crunching, idea-generating, strategy-executing machine. He started as big-4 auditor, but quickly realized that he wanted to break free from the corporate life. So, he put on his entrepreneur hat and started transforming spreadsheets into operational realities.

Stephanie Cordisco
Stephanie Cordisco

Executive Vice President

Stephanie is a seasoned executive whose entrepreneurial spirit has fueled her success over two decades in consumer brand management across multiple industries, including technology and consumer packaged goods.

Rakesh Kulangara

Vice President Engineering

Rakesh embodies an unwavering commitment to driving technological advancements and fostering a culture of innovation. He orchestrates multifaceted engineering initiatives that propel organizations to the forefront of technological excellence.

Srinivas Annam

Vice President Technology

Srinivas is a true innovator and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience delivering several technically advanced cross platform solutions at scale for consumer and enterprise markets using his out-of-the-box thinking and design first mindset.


Unlock a world of innovative payment solutions by partnering with PayRange

Whether you’re a distributor seeking to expand your product offerings, a business eager to license cutting-edge technology, or an OEM looking to seamlessly integrate PayRange into your machines, we want to work together.


Scale and modernize your business by becoming a PayRange distributor today. Unlock exclusive, preferred pricing and gain access to the numerous online tools built exclusively for our distributors.


Join us at the forefront of the innovation transforming the self-service industry. Our end-to-end payment and authentication solutions provide a diverse ecosystem of connected technologies, custom-tailored to meet your evolving needs.


The initial upfront investment required to upgrade machines for mobile payments is often a hurdle holding owners back. Save the operators who purchase your machines the extra cost & headache. The PayRange touchless, mobile payment solution is available as OEM for new machines.


Our core values empower businesses of all sizes to scale and win across an ever-evolving retail landscape.

Creative Values

Innovation & Creativity

At PayRange, innovation and creativity are not just buzzwords; they’re the lifeblood of everything we do. By fostering an environment where bold ideas are encouraged, boundaries are challenged, and unconventional thinking is celebrated, we push the limits of what’s possible, drive transformative change, and shape the future of our industry.

Simplicity Values


At the core of PayRange lies a commitment to simplicity, permeating every aspect of our design, communication, and user experience. We believe in distilling complexity into elegant solutions, ensuring that every interaction with our products and services is intuitive, seamless, and effortlessly enriching for both consumers and operators alike.

Customer Centric Values

Customer Centric

PayRange embodies a steadfast commitment to being centered around our customers, prioritizing their needs, desires, and satisfaction above all else. We strive to anticipate and deliver on what they want, exceed their expectations, and build lasting relationships founded on trust, empathy, and unparalleled service.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency and trust form the cornerstone of our organization, guiding every decision and interaction at PayRange. We believe in open communication, honesty, and integrity to foster an environment where transparency builds strong relationships and cultivates a culture of trust with our stakeholders.


Interested in making a difference by enabling seamless payments across various industries and countries?


PayRange Offices

PayRange Offices


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