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Laundry Business

With the most comprehensive integrated laundry solutions designed to grow your business, unlock profitability and improve your customer experience.

Accelerate Your Laundromat  Growth with PayRange Solutions.

Modernize your laundry business with the most comprehensive all-in-one laundry solutions designed to increase your revenue, reduce operation expenses, and improve your customer experience. Explore a range of integrated cashless payment options, laundry POS systems, payment kiosks, and wash dry fold solutions. No other company brings you more integrated solutions tailored to grow your laundry business.

The Leading All-in-One Solution for Laundromats

Mobile Payment

Don’t let payment be a limitation to sales. Upgrade your machines to cashless payment and watch your revenue soar.

Payment Kiosk

Offer convenience to customers with the BluKey PayStation kiosk, allowing payment at nearby PayRange enabled machines without requiring a phone or account.

All-in-one POS

TURNS POS software platform and PayRange integration empower laundromat and dry-cleaning operators to boost revenue, streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and manage their businesses effectively.

Wash Dry Fold

Transform your business into a pickup and delivery service quickly. Use our delivery and route management solution to efficiently manage routes with your current fleet or utilize the integrated DoorDash feature.

Real Time Analytics

Advanced backend management solution for PayRange-enabled machines offers real-time analytics for cash and cashless sales tracking, aiding in smarter decisions, operational optimization, and proactive machine health monitoring.

Attendant Feature

Streamline your operations, minimize unauthorized usage, and take control of your laundry business. Grant your attendants the ability to operate your washers and dryers without requiring coins or adding funds to the PayRange app.

Compatible with all major commercial washers and dryers

PayRange mobile technology works on all commercial laundry equipment. Below are just a few of the laundry machine models PayRange seamlessly installs on.

Solutions for Businesses of all Scale

Route Laundry

Whether you have one location or you operate several routes, PayRange has the solution to serve your business.


Increase value for the operators who purchase your machines. PayRange touchless, mobile payment solution is available as OEM for new machines.


Whether you have one laundromat or several stores, PayRange has the solution to serve your business.

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