Attendant Feature

Are you tired of managing laundry attendants’ access to your machines? Say hello to convenience and control with the PayRange MANAGE Attendant feature.

Empowering Laundry Owners with Control and Efficiency

Streamline your operations, minimize unauthorized usage, and take control of your laundry business like never before with the Attendant feature in PayRange MANAGE. With the Attendant feature, you can grant your attendants the ability to operate your washers and dryers without requiring coins or adding funds to the PayRange app. A monthly fee applies.

Discover the Benefits

Streamline Operations

Enable your laundry attendants to start your laundry machines without the need for coins or adding funds to the PayRange app.

Control Usage

Set limits on how many times per day your attendants can start the machines to ensure proper use.

Enhanced Monitoring

Track attendants’ usage with detailed reporting for insights into activity and efficient resource utilization.

Save Money

Benefit from reduced transaction fees of just 1% for attendant-initiated wash transactions, saving costs and improving laundry operations efficiency.

Getting Started with the Attendant Feature

Log in to your operator account in PayRange MANAGE. Select “Attendant” from the left menu. Here you can configure the maximum amount and maximum number of free transactions allowed in a day by an attendant.

In the “Activity” section of the Attendant feature you can view your attendants transactions. Please note that only certain MANAGE user roles have access to the attendant feature.

Need Help?

Visit the PayRange help desk to learn how to set up the Attendant Feature