BluKey Activate™

Smart Access, Infinite Capabilities.Transforming Products with Digital Advancements

In an era of rising retail theft, PayRange BluKey Access™ delivers a groundbreaking technology solution designed to combat theft, maximize sales, streamline operations, and elevate the customer experience.

Transforming Retail through Digital Experiences

BluKey Activate is a cutting-edge technology solution specifically designed for activating high-value retail products and/or high-theft retail products. Unlock the digital key to curbing retail theft while improving the consumer shopping experience.

Frictionless Shopping with Pre-Authentication

BluKey Activate empowers brands and retailers to reduce theft and secondary market of stolen goods. BluKey Activate easily integrates and embeds into products like power tools, machinery, or high-value items, providing unprecedented security and control. Customers, armed with their smartphones, can activate, unlock, and access new product features through the PayRange app.

The foundation of our
unique approach is simple

Theft Prevention

Reduce theft and unauthorized access to high-value products, safeguarding your inventory and profit margins.

Digitalized Capabilities

Leverage real-time connectivity to unlock new product features and capabilities.

Flexible by Design

Tailor security settings to align with your unique requirements, ensuring a balance between security and a frictionless shopping experience.

Frictionless Shopping

Customers can activate access, unlock features, and engage with the product seamlessly through their smartphones.

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