mobile payment and age verification solution for machines.

Built by PayRange, powered by immi (/i’m-me). Smart, seamless age and identity verification technology for 21+ products. BluCheck transform any machine into a smart and compliant commerce experience. Give your hardware an instant upgrade, extending its capability to 21+ item sales. With immi, the PayRange in-app age verification solution, you can responsibly ensure your customers are of legal age to purchase. The immi three step verification process is simple, fast and secure.


PayRange’s age gated payment solution powers seamless payment, age, and identity verification for self-service retail, using a tool your customers already love: their smartphones.

Age & Identity Verification unlocks emerging Self-Service Experiences

A fully compliant secure in-app age and identity verification solution unlocks seamless self-service solutions for adult only products. Our patented BluCheck device installs in less than a minute on any machine, powering the machine to accept mobile payment and age verification credentials. No expensive hardware or network connectivity required, making BluCheck the most scalable solution in the industry.

Your customers get verified once for lifetime
access with three simple steps.

Scan ID

Scan Barcode

Take Selfie


The most scalable and advanced age-gated
payment solution on the market

Easy Installation

PayRange BluCheck installs in less than a few minutes. Our sophisticated patented device plugs-n-plays into many common machines.

Accurate to 99.9%

Delivers industry-leading 99.9% age-verification accuracy.

Simplest way to prove their age

One-time, simple three step process takes less than one minute to verify.

No expensive hardware

Our patented technology utilizes the consumer’s smart phone connectivity to enable payments and age-verification on any machine without the need to buy expensive hardware.

Private and secure

Consumers privacy is always protected, with no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) ever stored.

Automated marketing

Utilize the full suite of PayRange marketing services to connect with customers. Offer free trials, loyalty bonuses, reactivation offers and more; all quickly and seamlessly through the PayRange app.


Whatever your business needs are, our age-gated payment platform can operate anywhere.

Self Service Pour Bar

PayRange BluKey Access™ integrates seamlessly into new and existing retail merchandising displays and transforms traditional merchandising into a digitized, verified access-controlled experience.

21+ Vending

PayRange BluCheck installs in existing vending machines in minutes. BluCheck makes ‘dumb’ vending machines smart and compliant! Give your hardware an instant upgrade, extending its capability to 21+ item sales.

21+ Restricted Areas

Preventing underage access to age-restricted products is essential. Our contactless, frictionless solution quickly verifies a user’s ID before granting them access to an area or to merchandising displays.

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