Modernize Your Entertainment Venue

Transform your entertainment venue with our leading unattended solutions. Elevate the customer experience with modern technology solutions while optimizing your operations and maximizing revenue.


PayRange’s advanced end-to-end IOT platform offers a diverse ecosystem of connected solutions designed to help grow your business.

Our technology solutions are customizable and scalable, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of your venue. Whether your hotel needs cashless payment solutions for vending, laundry or self service pour bars, we provide the solutions you need to boost revenue, minimize costs, and exceed customer expectations.


Autonomous Solutions for Growing Your Entertainment Business

Self Service Pour Bars

Whether you’re looking for an automated pour bar or beverage station, PayRange can easily outfit your beverage equipment for cashless acceptance and age-verification.

Mobile Payment for Vending

Add cashless payment acceptance to your vending machines. No expensive hardware required. The PayRange BluKey is simple to install and instantly bring cashless payment acceptance to your vending machine.

Mobile Payment for Arcades

When your customers run out of coins, they often call it a day. Extend play times & increase revenue by outfitting your coin operated games & amusement rides with PayRange for convenient cashless payments.

Vending Management

The only cloud based vending management solution designed to grow your vending business. Software solution that easily tracks inventory and purchases, optimize routes and automates deliveries with a simple-to-use, affordable solution.

Micro Market Solutions

The most versatile solution for micro markets. MarketPro facilitates a kiosk-less, convenient, inexpensive self-checkout experience for any account.

Access Control

Control access to certain areas of your venue. PayRange mobile technology serves as your guests digital key to venues areas.

Mobile Payment for Billiard Tables

Upgrade your billiards table to accept mobile payments with PayRange BluCue. No permanent power or data connection required.

Age-restricted Vending Solutions

PayRange BluCheck installs in existing vending machines in minutes transforming ‘dumb’ vending machines into smart compliant kiosks capable of offering 21+ items.

Business Management Solution

An advanced backend management solution providing real time analytics and performance. Track sales in real time to make smarter ordering decisions and optimize operations.

Technology design to boost your business while improving your customer’s experience

Operational efficiency

Streamline processes, reduce errors, and optimize staff allocation. Our solution operates independently of your venue’s network, utilizing the consumer’s smartphone connection.


Update your venue with the latest technology, staying ahead of industry trends.

Seamless experience

Offer a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable experience for your guests.

Increase revenue

Remove payment barriers, reduce transaction times, and boost sales with efficient payment solutions.

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