All-in-One System to power your modern laundromat

One single integrated system for laundromat and dry clean operators to grow, manage and promote their self service, delivery, drop-offs , routes and commercial business.

Built for the next generation of laundromats & cleaners

Welcome to the future of laundromat management! The TURNS all-in-one software platform is designed to empower modern laundromat and dry-cleaning operators to grow revenue, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and manage and promote your business. PayRange is now seamlessly integrated into TURNS’ all-in-one operations software solution, featuring machine payments with our PayRange BluKey mobile payment device. From self-service to delivery, drop-offs, and commercial operations, we’ve got you covered.

Enable new customers to book their pickups instantly with Doordash

Easy to setup and completely customizable login for your existing and new customers. One click Signup, Dynamic scheduling, Routes Scheduling, Buying subscriptions, Online payments, Order tracking all on your personalized branded mobile platform

Connected to the cloud

Connected to Cloud + Integrated Website + Scheduling + Point of Sale + Payments To Employees + Works Offline. Good operators build a location, Great operators build a system. One platform to rule them all.

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Modern POS

Modern cloud-based POS system to manage all your day-to-day operations from one central location. Provide flexible payment options for your customers with Cash, Card, Venmo, Apple Pay & PayRange.

Full / Service

Enable all of your team from Attendants, Cleaners, Pressers, Drivers & Managers on one single system to track & improve performance. Give your employees an effortless way to check-in, start their shift and manage machines/orders.

Route & Delivery

Become a pickup and delivery business with out-of-the-box Doordash integration. Manage orders, drivers, schedules, mileage and machines all from our easy to use POS system or on the go with our portal. Equip drivers with a dedicated app to manage pickups and delivery routes. Enable instant pickups and deliveries via DoorDash at the click of a button.

Business Management

Monitor daily cash balances, incoming and outgoing deposits, and employee payments with ease. Set and track daily, weekly, and monthly targets with over100 types of reports. Schedule these reports to be emailed to you, so you’re always in the loop.

Enhanced Customer Service

Track your ROI and customer journey effortlessly. Keep your customers informed with automated SMS/Email notifications and payment links. Choose from 100+ customizable invoice templates.

Cashless Transactions

Enable online card payments and auto-charging features to attract a new generation of customers who prefer online payments.

Automated Marketing

Keep your customers informed with automated SMS/Email notifications and payment links. Choose from 100+customizable invoice templates. Leverage the power of Facebook and Google Ads with fully integrated analytics.

Cashless Transactions

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