Understanding User Roles in MANAGE

We understand the importance of efficiency, security, and tailored access in managing your operations. That’s why we’ve developed unique user roles within PayRange MANAGE, designed to streamline your workflow while safeguarding sensitive information.

How do User Roles work?

Each user role serves a specific purpose, ensuring that users have access only to the features and functionalities relevant to their responsibilities. Whether you’re an Owner, Manager, Route Driver, Distributor, Finance, or Customer Support personnel, our user roles cater to your needs, providing a clear delineation of access and responsibilities.

Get to know the User Roles in MANAGE

User roles and permissions are designed to control access levels for different users within the PayRange MANAGE console. Click below to learn more on user roles and permissions.

The administrative role for account management with full access to PayRange MANAGE console.

The “Manager” role is similar to the Owner role, except this role cannot view or change banking information, and can not add or remove any users.

Designed for route drivers and technicians needing to install devices. Tags must be applied to user upon creation.​

Intended for users external to your organization. Distributor role lets a user create and manage multiple PayRange operator accounts Full access to MANAGE except for Payments/Banking Info.

Users who require access to financial records & sales insights. This user does not have access to account banking information.

Assign this user role to those individuals who are responsible for improving & managing the consumer experience.

This user role should be assigned to those who need to directly manage devices.

This role is intended for a user who needs operational management of the Operator account. Specifically related to the sales, device, and payment information.

This role is specific to the Attendant Feature in MANAGE. If an Operator intends to permit individuals to utilize the Attendant Feature and they are not already added to their account, then they will need to be added as an Attendant. Attendants do not have access to the operator account or any corresponding information

Quick Glance at User Roles & Permissions

Getting Started with User Roles

Log in to your operator account in PayRange MANAGE. Select “Settings” from the left menu. Any user to be added must first have a Consumer Account with PayRange using the same email address. To setup a consumer account, the user can download the PayRange App and sign-up with email, or click here on a desktop computer.

To assign roles to a user account:

Next to the user account shown under >Settings >Users, click on the pencil icon under “Actions” and assign the user a role.

Visit the Help Desk for step by step instructions on how to add or remove users from your MANAGE operator account.

Need Help?

Visit the PayRange Help Desk.