Installation Made Easy.

Learn what’s required for installing a PayRange device.

PayRange Device Installation

We designed the PayRange mobile payment solution in a way that makes it simple and easy to install. Most operators can handle the installation themselves with the help of PayRange installation support materials. However, to ensure a successful installation please review the below installation requirements.

What’s Required for Installation?

Ensure you have a PayRange MANAGE operator account and log in to this account from the PayRange app during installation.

To operate your machine, you’ll need access to its control board, coin slot, and specific programming settings

Have the specific PayRange installation manual for your machine type accessible.

Find Resources

Access PayRange Install Guides

To learn the required steps to set up your machine to accept PayRange mobile payments follow the below link.

Register your device

In order for your machine(s) to accept PayRange mobile payment, you must first register your device.

Watch how-to videos

Watch our helpful videos to get the most out of your PayRange products.

Schedule support appointment

Make an appointment with a member of our support team.

Need Help?

Visit the PayRange Help Desk.