Explore Dynamic Offers to Drive Growth and Reward Customers

PayRange MANAGE provides operators with multiple offer and discount types designed to help grow your business and reward your customers.

Discounts and Offers

PayRange MANAGE provides you with various user offers designed to grow your business. These offers can be customized to your own specific preferences. You can create offers directly from your PayRange MANAGE operator account. Offers can only be created through the PayRange desktop site version of MANAGE.

Smarter Connectivity

Why connect machines to the cellular network when the users have a connected smart phone? We eliminate the costly cellular hardware and recurring monthly fees and provide an interface that is familiar to the user (their own phone).

Discount Offer

A discount offer, whether in dollar amount or percentage, can be created to provide customers with a specific reduction on their purchase. This type of offer may be targeted to certain devices or applied across all devices at the Operator’s discretion.

Discount Code Offer

Combining a discount code offer involves merging a discount offer with a Free Purchase Offer. By giving your customers a code, they can enjoy a specific dollar amount or percentage off their purchase.

Product Scan Rebate

A Product Scan Rebate offer enables customers to get a set discount on one or multiple items in your vending machines. By using the product’s UPC, the discount will be credited back to the customer’s PayRange account.

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