Using the “Rooms” feature in PayRange MANAGE

PayRange MANAGE offers your customers rich features, such as “Live Availability” which lets your customers check in real-time which washer or dryer machines are available for use in your laundry room.

Differentiate your location with rich user features

Let your customers know when your machines are available and let them know when the most popular times when machines are typically in high demand or frequently used. This feature assists your customers in planning their laundry chores more efficiently by avoiding peak times and ensuring they can find available machines when needed.

Set up “Rooms”

In order to unlock “Live Availability” you must first set up a “Room” in PayRange MANAGE. Once you have set up a “Room” you will also have visibility to the health of your devices installed on your machines.

If your location has a PayRange BluKey PayStation, you will also need to set up a “Room” to assign your PayStation to.

Need Help?

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