Verify Your Age

Say goodbye to long lines at the bar or sharing personal information with strangers. With our in-app immi verification solution, you can now unlock exciting possibilities within the PayRange app, like purchasing beer or wine at self-serve machines located in stadiums or hotels. It’s a convenient, secure, and seamless way to enjoy age-restricted products without any hassle.

Verify Age & Pay with Ease at Operator Owned 21+ Machines

Once you have the PayRange app, you can easily locate PayRange enabled machines that offer age-restricted products. These machines will have the necessary age verification functionality and a PayRange decal with a unique QR code you can easily scan. When you select an age-restricted machine on the PayRange app, our integrated immi solution will kick in. It will prompt you to verify your age through a secure and streamlined process.

With age verification completed, you can now use the PayRange app to send payment to any PayRange enabled machine offering age-restricted products. Verify your age once for lifetime access. 

One Age Check, Endless Access

Once you have successfully completed the age verification process, you won’t need to go through it again. Your age and identity credentials will be stored to your digital ID and securely encrypted within the app so only you can unlock and access them with biometrics, either Touch ID or FaceID. Your reusable digital ID can now be used for future transactions.

How it Works

Locate a PayRange enabled 21+ machine. Scan the QR code located on the machine or open the PayRange app when in front of a machine enabled with PayRange. Launch the PayRange app.

Follow the simple three step immi verification process. Once verified, swipe to send payment to the machine.

Self Pour Bar equipped with PayRange

Get Age Verified in Three Simple Steps

Scan Front of ID

Scan Back of ID

Take a Selfie

Watch the video.

Protecting You and Your
Personal Details

Exclusive Access Reserved for You

Your biometric key guarantees exclusive access to your age verified credentials. Rest assured, only you can unlock and utilize your verification, ensuring that your phone remains protected from unauthorized purchases of age-restricted products.

Share Less Information

Say goodbye to pulling out your driver’s license and revealing everything about you. Your privacy is safeguarded, as only the essential details needed for age confirmation are requested.

Built with Privacy as a Priority

We do not store, mine or sell your data. All data is encrypted in transit and tokenized by third-party secure vault provider. Your personal information is never stored or passed through PayRange servers. Click here to learn more about the privacy policy for age verification.

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