LAS VEGAS, NV (April 22, 2015) – PayRange, the world’s simplest payment solution for machines, unveiled an all-new version of the mobile payment app that includes functionality for offers. PayRange Founder and CEO Paresh Patel presented a keynote and product announcement at the NAMA OneShow that drew a large, enthusiastic crowd of the industry’s leaders.

The new app features virtual cards for each machine that is in “PayRange.” The reverse side of the virtual machine cards include rebates and offers that are specific to each machine. For example, one offer might be, “Purchase Fritos and get 25 cents off.” The user selects this offer, sends payment to the machine, and makes the selection on the machine normally. After the product is dispensed, a barcode scan window appears in the app and the user is prompted to scan the barcode of the item to validate the offer. Once validated, a credit is applied immediately to the user’s PayRange account.