Consumers will be able to direct their tax refund directly to the PayRange mobile payment App which is used by millions of consumers for everyday purchases.

PORTLAND, OR, USA, April 21, 2020 / — PayRange Inc., a network for everyday purchases, has partnered with Source, Inc., a digital currency innovator that holds an exclusive license for loyalty applications with MetaBank®, a global leader in prepaid debit and gift cards. Through its tax division, MetaBank and Source are launching a new loyalty program to reward tax filers who transfer a portion of their tax refund directly into their PayRange account for immediate use.

This loyalty program will target early tax returns from over 25,000 electronic tax filing professionals serving over 2 million consumers and $8 billion in expected tax refunds. Through the PayRange partnership, taxpayers will be able to join the PayRange network and send a portion of their refunds directly to their PayRange mobile wallet to spend at unattended retail locations across the country. Additionally, they will be receiving funding bonuses, program discounts, and other exclusive PayRange member benefits on the transferred funds.

“We’re excited about partnering with the PayRange network, which will allow our consumers to put their refunds toward the purchases they make frequently,” stated Richard G. Stewart, CEO of Source. “We’re also working to help extend the PayRange merchant network to offer consumers even more options for making immediate purchases.”

PayRange, with more than 3 million consumers, is a leading presence in the unattended retail space driving consumer engagement within laundry, vending, vehicle services, kiosks, entertainment and other industries. The PayRange network has endpoints that are typically small-ticket, everyday purchases and essential services, which consumers need on a frequent basis.

“We are committed to bringing mobile payment solutions to virtually every consumer,” stated Michael Kitchen, Chief Revenue Officer of PayRange. “Moreover, we believe this partnership will assist those without a checking account. While most unbanked and underbanked consumers have a mobile device, many mobile payment solutions are designed such that they exclude this consumer base.”


About Source:
Source, Inc. is a fintech innovator and loyalty marketing firm with a mission to bring NexGen technologies and digital rewards to all consumers. Source aggregates and manages loyalty programs and provides digital reward incentives to consumers through a universal, cooperative commerce business model designed to support Smart Cities of the future.