The All-in-One Operations Software for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners will be fully integrated with the PayRange System to offer Complete Visibility and Rich Features

PORTLAND, OR June 28, 2023 – PayRange Inc. the leading provider of mobile payments for unattended retail, is excited to announce a landmark exclusive licensing agreement with Turnsapp Inc., an industry-leading laundromat and dry-cleaning software provider. This partnership will leverage Turn’s Laundromat and Dry Cleaning management and PoS payment offerings to enhance the PayRange payment solutions portfolio.

Through this strategic partnership, PayRange will offer a turnkey, complete software solution for laundromats and dry cleaners including software to manage the growing Wash-Dry-Fold opportunity, pickup and delivery service, Point of Sale (PoS) system, mobile payment for machines, self-service payment kiosk, card readers, and more. This integrated platform aims to provide laundromat owners with a single, unified solution for all their operating needs, simplifying their operations and accounting, while improving customer experience and adding new revenue opportunities.

“We are particularly impressed by the scope and caliber of Turn’s offerings,” said Paresh Patel, CEO of PayRange. “Their best-in-market solutions, thorough product offerings, and well-designed, easy-to-use software makes them the ideal partner for PayRange as we expand our platform.”

Echoing Patel’s sentiments, the CEO of Turns said, “This partnership with PayRange aligns with our mission of delivering technologically advanced, easy-to-use solutions to the laundromat and dry-cleaning industry. We look forward to integrating our system with PayRange and are excited about the added value this will create for customers.”

The PayRange platform already provides payment to machines at approximately 3,500 laundromats and millions of consumers. This partnership represents a significant step to quickly bring additional features and capabilities and leverage the synergy of the joint product. The
PayRange platform combined with the Turns software is poised to be the leading solution unmatched in end-to-end capabilities to manage the laundromats and dry cleaners.

With this partnership, PayRange continues to innovate in the payment solutions industry, driving transformation, and paving the way for a smoother, more efficient retail experience for both businesses and consumers.