PORTLAND, OR (March 6, 2017) – In December 2016, Gilly Vending Inc. announced adding George State University to their client roster. Their multi-year agreement serves over 50,000 students and faculty with state-of-the-art machines now accepting PayRange. Within 30 days from installation at GSU, 1 in 5 consumers made a purchase with the PayRange app. For the first time, Gilly saw a new revenue stream from mobile.

“The quick adoption, the excited engagement of our consumers, and an increase in revenue has given us the insight we were looking for to continually meet the demand of new mobile payment initiatives,” said President Gilda Rosenberg. “We focus on bringing our customers innovative technologies that enhance the overall vending experience. The success of our testing at GSU has led us to choose PayRange for many more of our machines across the Gilly nationwide portfolio of clients,” explained Rosenberg.

Gilly Vending provides vending services to airports, transportation hubs, maritime ports, military bases, hospitals, colleges and universities in over 40 states nationwide. Offering the PayRange innovative cashless and marketing solutions increasingly differentiates Gilly.

When introducing a new technology, free trials get people experiencing the benefits of adopting new solutions. To encourage app downloads, Gilly turned on the ‘First Purchase Free’ PayRange feature on all GSU machines. Their reports show redeemers spending 4x the cost of the free item in the same week.

“The PayRange platform gives us the ability to directly market to consumers and remotely run our own promotions to select regions and locations. Programs like First Purchase Free, the Rewards punch card and Discount Offers are integrated into the mobile app. I am most excited about turning these on and learning more from our consumers,” added Rosenberg.